Entropia (superiorstudio) wrote,

The mind gets dirty as you get closer to thirty

A little Blur for you there. Another century? Oh, it's nothing special.

Yesterday was one of those days where I wanted to take a hard run at a wall and put my head through it, or at least stun myself for a few minutes. I had planned to work on studying a new group of documents I am supposed to be working on, but like zombies, some old documents that were supposed to be signed and issued rose from their graves to stalk me. I finally just put them down again. Christ.

On the bright side, there was a comics shipment waiting for me when I got home (as mentioned in last night's post) and Jack was all smiles for me. He must be teething or something, because his sleep patterns are getting strange again; he was up at 10:30 for a bottle, which is pretty early, but at least we were not trying to sleep then. I spent the better part of the evening making dinner and skimming comics, then got some writing done and a little bit more on my new web page.

I forgot to mention, I think, that the DSL problem was resolved late last week by moving the modem to another room and all kinds of inconvenient things, but in the long run it turned out well; I was able to install a phone in the Studio after not having one for a while, and even discovered how to share between my two Macs running OS X. I guess I already knew how, I just never took the very obvious step of plugging the normally wireless iBook into my ethernet hub.. I was hoping to access the other computer while still wireless, using the Airport hub as a router, but no luck with that yet. No big deal, really.

Speaking of Macs, I am annoyed with the number of people I suddenly know who are buying or upgrading and not using Apple even though they have every reason to. It's one thing for a young guy just out of high school to buy a PC- he probably wants to play games with his friends and download warez and porn and whatnot- but the others are graphic designers.

One is a print designer who "needs" to run Quark and is leery of upgrading to OS X. Whatever. She is currently running 8.6 and wonders why her G4 crashes all the time. I can think of 2 main reasons for that: 1) Quark and 2) OS 8.6. Her significant other, a tech writer who has some strange grudge against Apple for not providing an infinite amount of legacy support, argues that she should not upgrade to X because Apple will be removing the option to boot into OS 9 next year.

I tried to tell him that they will still have the Classic environment, that you will still be able to run your old apps if you must, but he insists that they will remove legacy support altogether, which is ridiculous. (Well, not ridiculous: it will almost certainly happen in a couple of years, but not before everyone has had time to migrate and developers have had time to carbonize their apps. That has always been the plan, I think. And if it bothers you so much, who says you have to upgrade to that version of X when it comes out?) He then proceeded to slap me on the shoulder in a rather condescending gesture, which did not exactly endear me to him. I offered to fix the G4 anyway, if only because I hate to see good Macs go to waste and designers suffer through repeated crashes for no good reason.

She did make one very good point: there isn't enough local support for Apple products. I forget that sometimes because I never really need it. If some hardware dies, it will probably have to go to Halifax or beyond for repair, and you're stuck without a computer. At least with PCs, there are local geeks who can build or fix your machine. Maybe I should pursue the whole AppleCare thing a little harder, but I don't know. Being a repair depot means you only ever see people who are unhappy and pissed off with their computers and probably no more happy about having to get them fixed.

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