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I thought of a new term last week and was just thinking about it again. One of the things that bothers me most in this world is slumming white folks appropriating black or asian culture, pretending they're from the street, etc. One unfortunate product of this is the term "wigga" or "wigger." It means "white nigger," supposedly referring to a white guy with the experience and soul of the hood. Eminem likes to use it to refer to himself. Times have changed; Elvis Costello got in a lot of trouble once for using the phrase about 20 years ago, as did John Lennon ten years before that. Eminem is no Costello or Lennon, of course.

Anyway, without getting into the depressing state of race relations here on the big blue marble, the term I thought of is "Bonky": or, "black honky." This would be for black folks who have the experience and soul of the suburbanite. Tiger Woods springs immediately to mind. I guess it's an unkind term, because at least the modern suburban black teen will get disrespected as much as they are imitated and sought after by their peers, whereas the credibility of your average "wigger" is suspect at best, which is what made me think of the term in the first place. How hard do you have to suffer these days before you can call yourself nigger?

I remember being furious when a Grade 5 classmate called me that once: not because of the slur itself- I've been called a lot of things- but because of his ignorance. I find I have no patience for ignorance and stupidity, which makes it hard to live in this city and work in this field sometimes. Not that it's confined to here. I remember starting my job in London (Ontario) at a place where we sold Maglite flashlights, the kind police use. This was in the early 90s, shortly after the Rodney King trial, and my boss used to describe them to prospective buyer as "the club they used on Rodney King," or on one occasion, "nigger beaters." And a lot of people laughed.

Man, I hated that guy. "You don't seem to be laughing," he told me one day. "I'll laugh when you say something funny," I said. What are these people thinking? That they're going to get away with carrying hatred in their hearts? That the slavery and suffering of their fellow man is something to be mocked or worse, celebrated? It makes me wish there really was a hell so at least I would know they will burn in it. Maybe I will too, of course, but that wouldn't surprise anyone.

Count your blessings that I don't have super powers. I have a feeling I would not use them very responsibly.

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