Howdy all

I would like to invite you all to download a free copy of my latest zine, Works and Plays, from my website:

I am also the Central Mailer of APA Centauri, which has been bringing zine writers together for over 25 years. I am still setting up a new website for AC but if you would like to learn more or receive a sample issue, you can check out its Myspace: You can download a free PDF explaining how it works there. If you have a Myspace, add us!

Thanks and I hope you enjoy!

Entropia, Episode 1

"The Offworld Colonies"

After a long absence at Livejournal, hey! it's a new post, to bring my new webcomic to more readers. I hope you all enjoy it. The official site is; you can visit the forum there to read commentaries on each episode and much more.